About El-Rahma Corporation

El-Rahma Corporation for Recruitment is one of the pioneering corporations in recruiting Egyptians abroad. It has great experience in this field. It is privileged with a staff who are highly efficient and quick in accomplishing tasks.

We have large scale dealing and strong relations with all the Arab countries, especially Gulf countries. Besides, we have a large local network spread throughout all the governorates of Egypt. This makes it possible for us to attract the most experienced and qualified persons and record them on our database which we run through the most advanced data management technology.

We characterized with the diversity of its search for the best sources of human resources and this through:

  • Search through the company's existing database.
  • Participate in various career fairs.
  • Published advertisements in our local newspapers.
  • TRepresentatives of the company in all governorates of Egypt.
  • Our company's web site.
  • Visits in work place.

" Choose from our databases the most experienced and efficient “best fits”
We have all experienced and qualified candidates you need"

Our Goals

El-Rahma Corporation for recruitment aims at providing business owners with all the qualified and experienced “best fits” they need in all work fields. We select the best candidates, test them, send their CV’s to the employers, schedule the meetings between the employers and the chosen candidates, and follow up finalizing their travel procedures.

"Our commitment at El-Rahma Corporation starts the moment you call us and continues till the selected nominees settle in their positions at your work place."

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