Why Deal With Us ?

  • We provide you with the employees who have the necessary experience and qualifications that would help improve your work.
  • We let you know, through our large and accurate database, information about those who look for jobs abroad in all work fields.
  • We conduct the necessary testing for the nominees through efficient and highly experienced specialized experts, then we leave you decide those you find most suitable.
  • This is not all, we follow up with the necessary medical examinations needed for the nominees and help finish their required travel documents and visas so that they would be ready to travel in time.
  • Our trained staff will face up to any difficulties that you or the candidates may encounter and will help overcome it at once. We facilitate all your tasks during your stay in Egypt.

"Why would you employ ordinary employees?
If we can offer you efficient qualified candidates to choose from"

Some of the specialties we can provide you with

  • Engineers (all majors)
  • Doctors (all majors)
  • Accountants
  • Teachers (males & females)
  • Administrative Positions & Managers
  • Programmer & Data Entry Specialists
  • Technicians (all fields)
  • All restaurant & Hotel Jobs
  • Sales Representative
  • All Craftsmanship & Architectural Jobs Supervisors
  • Seller (males & females)
  • Security & Sentry duty Jobs
  • Drivers
  • Peasants

"Employ in your company the qualified employees
Who would help in move forward? "

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